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Industries Served
Engineered Rubber

KOBELCO knows that quality compounds and high productivity make our customers successful. KOBELCO can custom-build mixers, mills and TSRs to your requirements and specifications. To separate you from the competition, take advantage of our ability to custom build machinery to obtain the most out of your mixer.

Examples of Engineered Rubber are located below:

  • Engineered rubber products like seals, grommets, rubber gaskets and weather stripping for the automobile industry. Window gaskets and door edge closure strips as well as rail track pads.
  • Vibration and sound-dampening molded rubber parts for appliance, automotive, marine, mass transit and medical applications.
  • Load bearing and protective components and finished goods for boat trailers, automotive after-market installations, and heavy industrial uses.
  • Extruded dunnage bars which protect large body components during shipment from stamping plant to assembly line.
  • A wide variety of components used in the construction industry.

Engineering Expertise
Rely on us for custom-built machinery.